Physicians know that happy, satisfied patients are repeat patients. We’re offering a solution for patients’ limited satisfaction with current therapies.

Imagine "No Sweat" in Just 3 Minutes

Administered in a Physician's Office
Non-Invasive Topical Patch​
Applied to the Underarm​
Stays on for Less than 3 Minutes​
Minimal Discomfort, No Downtime

No machinery. No capital expenditure.

With no bulky equipment and no capital expenditure outlay, this investigational procedure is designed to seamlessly fit into physicians' practices.

Candesant's investigational TAT technology is designed to fit easily into patients' treatment regimens to further enhance their quality of life.

Everybody sweats. 1/3 of us think we sweat too much.¹

Many Avenues for Integration

  • Offer to existing aesthetic patients who are excessive sweaters

  • Offer to existing hyperhidrosis patients

  • Establish a treatment regimen that conveniently fits into patients' lives

  • Create a sweat control treatment schedule for staff to administer

For Everyday and Special Occasions

Everyday confidence

Give patients confidence as they navigate daily life

Public speaking events

Provide a solution to patients who need to get up and speak in front of large audiences

Social Activities

Getting coffee with a friend, dating, and enjoying socal activities are better sweat-free

Brides and grooms

Help patients avoid embarrassment on their big day

Job interviews

Give patients one less thing to worry about while job hunting

Formal events

Allow patients to confidently wear colors other than black to formal events

Simple, in-office procedure.

Our therapy is an investigational procedure designed so that in just a few minutes, trained medical personnel will be able to administer this procedure.

1. Clean and dry the axilla​

2. Apply patch

Leave on for three minutes​

3. Remove patch, cleanse axillla

CAUTION – Investigational device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.

¹Strutton, et. al., “US Prevalence of Hyperhidrosis and Impact on Individuals with Axillary Hyperhidrosis: Results from a National Survey.” JAAD, August 2004, Volume 51, Number 2; Census Bureau, Population Division, 2015 Projections

Candesant's Mission

Our goal at Candesant is to deliver a safe and effective treatment that delivers value to both physicians and patients.
Niquette Hunt
Founder and CEO
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