Targeted Alkali Thermolysis (TAT)

Focused delivery of heat through TAT is designed to temporarily inactivate sweat glands.

Metal + Water = Inactivated Sweat Glands

Our technology is based on the principle that alkali metals in combination with water generate energy.

Our insight was when we limit the amount of metal and limit the amount of water, the result is a very targeted deposition of thermal energy exactly where the water is.

This therapy is delivered in a flexible bi-layer patch. That patch, when applied to a dry underarm, is designed to deliver a micro-thermal injury directly to the sweat duct, leading into the sweat gland. The desired effect is reduced sweating for about two months.

Interaction between alkali metals and water

Generates heat precisely at the site of the water (sweat); Heat controlled by amounts of metal and sweat present

Flexible, easy to use bi-layer patch

The bi-layer patch is placed on a dry underarm for no more than 3 minutes

Desired effect of reducing sweat

TAT has the potential to inactivate the sweat gland

Imagine "No Sweat" in Just 3 Minutes

Administered in a Physician's Office
Non-Invasive Topical Patch​
Applied to the Underarm​
Stays on for Less than 3 Minutes​
Minimal Discomfort, No Downtime

CAUTION – Investigational device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.

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